Beat the Holiday Stress With Cheese-Pleasing Recipes and Fun
11/29/2021 DiscoverDupont.com
Holiday Season
Why should you support the BBQ Competition August 21 and 22 in Dupont?
8/15/2021 Dave Maestas
Support from Dupont residents is crucial for the city and people
Eight Quick Tips for Saving Money
8/2/2020 Statepoint
Saving money is a top priority for many Americans, but it becomes even more important during times of economic turmoil.
You can be incarcerated and fined for not following contact tracing rules
5/26/2020 DiscoverDupont.com
You will want to see this
Governor Closes All Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment & Rec Facilities
3/15/2020 DiscoverDupont.com
Governor Jay Inslee said he will be signing a statewide emergency proclamation Monday to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.
Interior Updates You Can Make to Create a Wow Factor
3/4/2020 (StatePoint)
Creating that wow factor is easy to achieve
Hundreds of thousands of 2020 Census Jobs Available
2/15/2020 DiscoverDupont.com
Learn more!
The Future of Dupont is in Your Hands
11/30/2019 Mayor Courts
Last words before election day
Summarizing Mayor Courts First Successful Term as Mayor
10/16/2019 Dave Maestas
The most important accomplishments of Mayor Court's administration.
What does Discover Dupont do for the community?
10/2/2019 Discover Dupont
Learn more about Discover Dupont's community involvement
American Legion Pat Tillman Memorial Post 53 needs your help
10/1/2019 Discover Dupont
American Legion Pat Tillman Memorial Post 53 is asking your help to reach their Wreaths Across America goals.
There is a really pathetic smear campaign happening in Dupont
9/22/2019 Discover Dupont
There is a really pathetic smear campaign happening in Dupont
Why DuPont Needs Commercial Development - an interview with Mayor Courts
9/18/2019 Discover Dupont
We asked, "Why does Dupont need commercial development?"
Interview with Mayor Courts II - Grocery Store
9/15/2019 Dave Maestas
Why doesn't Dupont Have a Grocery Store?
An interview with Mayor Michael Courts
9/9/2019 Dave Maestas
An Interview with Mayor Michael Courts
A Look Into Dupont From the Outside
9/9/2019 Dave Maestas
We took a deep look into Dupont politics and it wasn't pretty.
Honoring the Achievements of Native Americans in the Military
8/11/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Native Americans serve in the U.S. military at a higher rate per capita than any other population group and have done so since the American Revolution.
The Chinook Are Coming
7/26/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Salmon return for spawning
SequaliShoot challenges photographers to get their best shot
5/22/2019 City of Dupont
For the past decade, the City of DuPont has sponsored a trails day event to promote the South Pierce County city’s extensive trails network. SequaliShoot is part of American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day.
Major Events in the Puget Sound this Spring & Summer
5/8/2019 Ranger Dave
Come see the greatest South Sound events that your family can enjoy.
Freedom Fair versus Freedom Fest
3/31/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
What's the difference? A HUGE difference.
Are You a Job-Seeking Veteran? What to Know
3/28/2019 (StatePoint)
With the veteran unemployment rate at a record low, many who have served in the military are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to civilian job hunting.
3/18/2019 Statepoint
Optimism about sales, profits and the national economy has taken a dip in recent months.
DuPont Night Out For Youth
3/17/2019 Tom Riggs, American Legion Post 53
The Pat Tillman Memorial Post 53 American Legion Family will host a Night out for Youth
Honoring the Achievements of Women in the Military
3/10/2019 Statepoint
The words “veteran,” “hero” and “patriot” usually evoke images of men. Many people are not aware that some 3 million women are currently serving or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces beginning with the American Revolution.
Nisqually Tribe Announces 2018 Charitable Fund Recipients
3/9/2019 Nisqually Tribe
Nisqually Tribe Announces 2018 Charitable Fund Recipients
3/8/2019 Lice Centers of America Puget Sound
Spring Break brings fun and some not so fun visitors.
Preparedness is everyone’s job
2/7/2019 EMD
Preparedness is not just for government agencies, but all sectors of society.
FREE Tickets to Tacoma Stars Indoor Professional Soccer for Military
2/7/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Tacoma Stars vs. San Diego Sockers - BECU Military Appreciation Night
2019 Super Bowl Commercials
2/4/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Get the best of the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials
End of January Report
2/3/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
A look at the statistics for DiscoverDupont.com
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Wow That Special Someone
1/28/2019 Statepoint
Here are unique gift ideas to really wow that special someone.
Benefits of Online Business Directories
1/22/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Benefits of Online Business Directories
Why should you visit DiscoverDupont.com?
1/21/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Learn about who we are and what we do.
Help for Service Members
1/10/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
When you are having financial hardships, there is help.
Executive Summary 2018 JBLM Workforce Survey
1/9/2019 DiscoverDupont.com
Executive Summary - 2018 JBLM Workforce Survey
5 Tips to Shed Those Pounds in the New Year
12/31/2018 Statepoint with DiscoverDupont.com
Maybe you want more energy, or perhaps you want to lose weight and keep it off for good. Whatever your goals, a new year means a fresh start to become the best version of yourself.
Unwanted Christmas Gifts
12/25/2018 Ranger Dave
What do people do with unwanted Christmas gifts?
Nisqually Tribe History and Community
11/12/2018 Nisqually Tribe
Learn about our Native Americans past and present
11/7/2018 Lisa Hagman
What can you do when lice hits your home. There is help.
Where can you go in Dupont for 2018 Veteran's Day?
11/4/2018 Ranger Dave Maestas
We have some locations that sent us their Veteran's Day specials in gratitude to our Veterans.
A great cause to honor our fallen
10/20/2018 DiscoverDupont.com
Pat Tillman Post 53 American Legion is raising funds to post wreaths at the graves of our fallen.
Where to go grocery shopping?
10/14/2018 DiscoverDupont.com
We provide your options for grocery shopping in Dupont, WA
Dog Parks Around Dupont
10/2/2018 Macaroni Kid
Great places to take your pet around Dupont, Washington
Fall Guide
10/2/2018 Macaroni Kid
What to do this Fall around Dupont
JBLM Guide
10/2/2018 Macaroni Kid
Information to help you contact places on JBLM.
Discover Dupont
10/1/2018 Wikipedia
A brief history and demographics of Dupont, WA
Homebuyers Guide
9/30/2018 DiscoverDupont.com
A guide to buying your home
Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ Competition
9/30/2018 DiscoverDupont.com
Did you miss the 2018 Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ Competition?
Ethel Lumsdon Park Renovation
9/30/2018 City of Dupont
The City of DuPont will close Ethel Lumsdon Park from October 1 to November 15.
100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge
DiscoverDupont.com Real Estate