Events Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Featured Event Listing $4.99
A featured listing to describe your event.  We will also add your event to social media.  $4.99 per month. This listing does not allow political events.  Political events fall under featured events.
Contact us with questions. 
Subscription Pricing Plans
Featured Year Long Event Post $99.99
Includes premium positioning, up to 10 photos, web site link, video clip and coupon. If you are planning an event, you want to start promoting a year out.  We can help.  Basically for around $8 a month, your event will be seen on our site and promoted via social media.  
Contact us with questions.  postmaster@discoverdupont.com 
Category Based Pricing Plans
Free Community Category $0.00
Government, Church, Non-Profits, Schools or Library Events only - Advertise for free - 3 photos - featured for 3 months (political gatherings do not fall under this category)
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