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Where should I stay in Dupont?
There are several hotels in Dupont.  We advise you to stay at these popular hotels.  You can view them right here on in the Hotels & Lodging Section.
What are the best places to eat in Dupont?
Dupont is a small city that has restaurants with big reputations and enjoyed greatly by the local community. The military at JBLM frequently has lunch and dinner in Dupont due to its proximity to the base.  You can find all the top restaurants right here on in the restaurants section.   
What is there to do in Dupont?
Sequalitchew Creek Trail Head
The Home Course (golf)
Eagles Pride Golf Course
Dupont Historical Museum 
Clocktower Park holds family friendly events through the summer
The Northwest ROA and the community with the ROA generously support local events.
Dupont is a small city but there is much to do in the area.  You can find it all right here on in our Attractions section.

Pet Information
Animal Services and Pet Licensing in DuPont

Animal Services and Pet Licensing in DuPont

Animal Control Services

The City of DuPont collaborates with the City of Lakewood to provide animal control services. For non-emergency animal control issues, contact (253) 830-5010. In cases of emergency, such as a dog attack in progress, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

Lost and Found Pets in DuPont

Lost and Found Pets in DuPont

Finding a Stray Dog or Cat

If you come across a loose dog or cat in DuPont, immediately contact Lakewood Animal Control, with whom the City of DuPont partners for animal control services.


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Dupont History
What is Dupont Known For & History?

DuPont, Washington, boasts a rich history that spans thousands of years, marked by diverse eras and significant contributions from Native American tribes, pioneering companies, and military regiments. This small city, nestled in the Puget Sound region, has evolved from ancient indigenous lands into a thriving modern community.

The earliest known inhabitants of the area were the Sequalitchew Nisqually people, who lived in harmony with the abundant natural resources provided by the Puget Sound, rivers, and grasslands for over 5,700 years. These indigenous people thrived through their deep understanding of the land and sustainable living practices.

In the early 19th century, the area witnessed the arrival of the Hudson Bay Company, a British enterprise. Employees of the company kept detailed journals that offer insights into daily life at Fort Nisqually, initially a fur trading outpost that later expanded into agricultural and farming activities. These journals also document the interactions between the Hudson Bay Company and the local tribes, highlighting a period of exchange and adaptation.

American presence in DuPont began in 1839 with the establishment of the Nisqually Methodist Mission. However, the harsh conditions and illnesses forced the early American settlers to leave by 1842. The area continued to attract American interest, notably with the visit of Captain Wilkes and the 1841 US Exploring Expedition, which conducted extensive surveys and mapping of the Southern Puget Sound, establishing many of the geographic names still used today.

A significant military presence was established in 1904 when the all-black cavalry regiment, the Buffalo Soldiers, were stationed at Camp Nisqually in DuPont. This marked a pivotal moment in the area’s history, as it hosted the largest military gathering on the West Coast at that time and was a precursor to the modern Joint Base Lewis McChord.

The transformation of DuPont into a company town began in 1906 when the E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company constructed an explosives manufacturing plant. This facility played a critical role in several major construction projects worldwide, including the Panama Canal and Grand Coulee Dam, and produced munitions for both World Wars.

"Economic and social ties connected DuPont Village to the nearby U.S. Army post of Camp Lewis which was established in 1917 and played a key role in American military training for World War I. The post was renamed Fort Lewis in 1927, but the ties have continued to the present day. Many current residents of the City of DuPont work at Fort Lewis." - Dupont Historical Museum.

The town of DuPont was incorporated in 1951, a move driven by the need to manage the infrastructure and housing originally provided by the DuPont Company. This incorporation marked the transition from a company-owned town to a self-governing community.

In 1976, the Weyerhaeuser Company purchased the former explosives plant site from DuPont and initially planned to develop it into a wood products export facility. However, market conditions led Weyerhaeuser to shift its focus towards land development, which eventually culminated in the approval of the Northwest Landing development in 1989. This project significantly expanded DuPont, blending residential, commercial, and industrial spaces into what has become a vibrant community.

"Pola Andre was mayor of DuPont from 1980 through 1989. The community was struggling to adjust after the DuPont Company (which had built the town and been its major employer) closed its dynamite plant in 1976, due to international market conditions. The Weyerhaeuser Company bought the 3,200-acre property for 12 million dollars.

An active mayor, Pola Andre often toured the town each day, to interact with residents and investigate problems and concerns. She claimed to know all 564 residents of her city. Pola’s nickname the “Iron Lady” was very evident in her resolve to work to revitalize DuPont and improve its quality of life." Read more of her amazing story and how her efforts shaped the city to the greatness that it is today on SouthSoundTalk.

In 2010, Fort Lewis merged with McChord Air Force base to become Joint Base Lewis-McChord, directed by the 2005 Base Realignment Commission.  Many of the Service Members and their families have chosen to live in Dupont while stationed here.  Many of them also remained here after their service due to the city's 
In 2017, retired US Army Sergeant Major, Tom Riggs, a barbecue enthusiast created the Dupont BBQ Cookoff held in August every year as a means to promote BBQ while creating the event with the Dupont American Legion Pat Tillman Memorial Post #53.  Tom also selflessly served as the Commander of the post.  Overall this allowed the post a means to bolster their abilities to support the community with the event, increase capabilities to support Veterans and enhance programs for local children. He incorporated the volunteerism of retired US Army Special Forces "Green Beret" and Airborne Ranger, Dave Maestas and his marketing agency Discover Maestro and the event is now known as one of the best BBQ competitions in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been a massive success with the exception of 2023 when Dave was unable to assist but the event looks to gain prominence again in 2024 with Dave again volunteering support and already bringing over 25 business sponsors to the event as of May 2024 while promoting the event locally and nationally.
Of special note for the historical support of the Dupont BBQ is the generosity of the Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association, City of Dupont, Scott Collins with Revolution Mortgage, Liberty Inn of Dupont and Famous Dave's BBQ in Tacoma who has contributed significantly to the Dupont BBQ throughout the years.
In 2018 Dave Maestas created a directory of local businesses and regional events which has had 3,512,934 views and 9,055,925 search engine views since launch.  This has been a tremendous asset for the people of Dupont and those looking to move into the area which has undoubtedly contributed to the economic and developmental success of the city, especially for small businesses, events and the Dupont American Legion. With massive growth each year and infused cutting edge technologies, it will enhance the community even greater as an independent, Veteran owned, source of information.

Today, DuPont is a dynamic blend of its historical roots and modern development, with a population of approximately 9,175 residents. The city reflects its rich history in its architecture, community events, and the ongoing preservation of its diverse past. From its ancient beginnings to its present-day status as a bustling community, DuPont continues to honor its heritage while looking forward to a bright future.

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